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Plas Mec CONTAINER MIXER TRR is used for

Cold mixing of polymers

in powder or granular form with pigments fillers and additives (solid or liquids)

Concentrated master-batches

Compounds of all kinds (PE, PP, PS, PA, TPE, PVC, ABS, EPS…)

Powder coatings

Pre-mixing of all kind of powders

The TRR series of mixers is the ideal alternative to traditional turbomixers when production conditions require high levels of flexibility and involve a wide range of different products to be mixed with the same machine.

Mixing head and container hopper are divided in two distinct and separate parts, so cleaning times are reduced to a minimum.

Different configuration with same or independent speed of the blades or high power version.

Storage and transport of the mixtures is also facilitated by direct use of the same container.

Accessories and optional are available.


TRR 150

Total capacity L.: 150
Weight per batch kg (¹): 60
Main motor kW (2): 11
Tilting motor motor kW: 11

TRR 300

Total capacity L.: 300
Weight per batch kg (¹): 120
Main motor kW (2): 18,5

TRR 500

Total capacity L.: 500
Weight per batch kg (¹): 200
Main motor kW (2): 30

TRR 600

Total capacity L.: 600
Weight per batch kg (¹): 240
Main motor kW (2): 30

TRR 700

Total capacity L.: 700
Weight per batch kg (¹): 280
Main motor kW (2): 45

TRR 1000

Total capacity L.: 1000
Weight per batch kg (¹): 400
Main motor kW (2): 55

TRR 1500

Total capacity L.: 1500
Weight per batch kg (¹): 600
Main motor kW (2): 75

TRR 2000

Total capacity L.: 2000
Weight per batch kg (¹): 800
Main motor kW (2): 90

Technical Sheet TRR

Download Technical Sheet TRR


N.B. The data shown in the table is purely indicative and must be confirmed by PLAS MEC.

(¹) The weights per batch is calculated with bulk density of 0.5 kg/l.