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PLAS MEC mixing plants are designed and manufactured with the aim of requiring minimum maintenance.
In spite of this, a regular control is always recommended to guarantee the best performance.


Our skilled technicians are travelling worldwide to support our customers and to ensure that their mixing systems remain competitive in the long run.

Spare parts and revamping

PLAS MEC supports customers through an efficient spare parts dept. that dispatches by express delivery within the shortest time.

Among the main after sales services:

Onsite service

wherever the customer is located, PLAS MEC sales and agents network will promptly satisfy any service requirement with competence and efficiency

Tele service

Most of the PLAS MEC mixing machines can be monitored through remote check out in order to reduce the downtime

Customer training

after the installation of the mixing plant, we train our customer’s employees through to the process-related techniques, proper maintenance and the operation of control technology.

At PLAS MEC we think that the best way to ensure customers’ satisfaction is supporting them with a quick and efficient assistance and guarantee that every mixing system meets the exact of the customer.

If you want to subscribe a personalized maintenance program, please CONTACT US

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